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01 October, 2019 Blog
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The internet is rapidly changing the way customers engage with companies. As a result, contact centers have to become customer interaction hubs that support a variety of communication channels, like web chat, video, social media and email. Although voice-based customer service will remain in demand in the foreseeable future, Gartner predicts that it will drop from 41% of customer interactions to 12% by 2022. Remain relevant and prepare for the coming shift in customer engagement by investing today in alternative communication and collaboration channels.

Chat with customers in social and public channels

Allow agents to interact with customers across a wide range of messaging applications without having to switch between each channel. Furthermore, you can vastly improve customer satisfaction by assigning messages to the most suitable team of agents based on smart routing.

Enhance your website with live video chat

Offer to your customers a unique experience allowing them to video chat with your agents from your website. By selecting a WebRTC-based solution, customers get ‘face-to-face’ with agents from their mobile or desktop browser without installing any additional software.

Talk to more customers with web callback

Web callback connects your website visitors with your agents without forcing them to wait in a queue. Additionally, it allows you to reach a bigger market by enabling out-of-town or international customers to reach you without the cost of a long distance call.

Proactively support customers with notifications management

Assign the alerts generated by internet connected devices to a team of agents that will handle them even before the customers notice them. With the rapid growth of IoT applications, notification management helps you offer specialized services to your customers.

Where to start

You wonder how you can implement digital communication channels to your contact center? CFront is the answer. CFront is our state-of-the-art application that introduces digital communication and collaboration to contact centers. To find more about CFront click here.


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