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25 January, 2021 Blog

During the lock-downs, many contact centers were forced to adopt homeworking as a way to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus within the workplace. This sudden shift created significant pressure on the operation and the employees of the contact centers. However, after the initial adjustment period, most agents became rather comfortable with the homeworking scheme. A recent Gallop poll found that 59% of employees prefer to continue to work remotely after the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

On the side of the contact centers, senior management is already considering the real estate and operational benefits that homeworking offers to their companies. Still, onboarding, training, and monitoring their employees remotely imposes a challenge to the managers of contact centers. Training guides and knowledge management systems will need to be better than ever in order to support newly hired staff that works remotely. Also, effective monitoring is vital because according to a recent study 18% of homeworking employees find they are easily distracted and face motivational issues.

Whatever the challenges, analysts expect an increase of remote-working contact center staff in the coming years. Therefore, contact centers will have to adopt new solutions and methodologies that will enable them to tackle the difficulties of homeworking.

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