CFront Assistant

A low code Conversational AI platform for automating customer-facing communications and agent tasks

CFront Assistant

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing and understanding (NLP and NLU) change the way companies interact with their customers.

CFront Assistant is a low code Conversational AI platform that enables the creation of AI-powered bots to automate voice and text interactions by using natural language processing and understanding. Moreover, CFront Assistant facilitates Robotic Process Automation initiatives for automating time-consuming and low adding value activities for agents and employees.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) extract caller intents and gather information entities to resolve user questions, augment self-service quality, and deliver contextual, personalized, and automated customer experiences across voice and text-based channels.

IVAs allowed the emergence of a new generation of intelligent communications transforming both customer and employee experience and delivering personalized assistance and guidance to customers at scale.

Transform customer engagement and employee assistance with AI bots


Omnichannel capabilities

The low code features of CFront Assistant help customers create intelligent bots that augment human service and act as virtual agents in multiple languages. Easily create Virtual Assistants for chat conversations, phone calls or browser-based audio calls, and any other voice or text-based digital medium. If needed, escalate the interaction to a live agent, preserving conversational context while transferring the interaction.

Seamless integration

Build automated conversation flows and enrich customer interactions with data from backend systems.   Connect CFront Assistant with enterprise systems like CRM, scheduling applications, order and inventory management systems, payment platforms, contact center, etc. The result? Maximize the investment of your application ecosystem, extend and augment its functionality and deliver best of class service for your customers.

Blend human understanding with intelligent automation

Build AI-powered assistants that work side-by-side with human experts to improve customer service effectiveness.  Integrate virtual agents to automate routine inquiries, and provide 24×7 human-like customer service. Use collaborative tagging to improve bot accuracy and enhance the bot’s intelligence with continuous feedback.

Conversational analytics for business growth insights

Analyze your customer text and voice interactions to make data-driven decisions and share insights across your organization. Uncover key call drivers and customer sentiment to help improve call outcomes and turn customers’ data interactions into business intelligence. Use sophisticated machine learning models to extract patterns and information and understand bots’ usage and performance. CFront Assistant provides informed business decisions, identifies channel-specific trends, and assesses unresolved cases to get real-time visualization for important KPIs that impact performance.

Comply with security and regulatory requirements

The architecture of CFront Assistant ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, enterprise data security, and customer contact policies. Our customers rest easy knowing we use a hierarchical account structure with role-based access control, comprehensive audit trails, and advanced alerting mechanisms.

Built-in support for multiple NLU engines

CFront Assistant provides adapters with the best NLU engines and bundles conversational AI-related resources in a user-friendly interface. CFront Assistant’s flexible multi-vendor architecture allows the selection of the NLU engine that best fits each project’s objectives. Avoid being locked into a single or proprietary NLU provider with a mix and match low code platform, like CFront Assistant.

Ongoing improvement

CFront Assistant integrates business logic into conversation flows using deep neural networks and machine learning technologies. Our virtual agents get smarter and can handle complex interactions through a continuous learning loop that gains insights from many data sources, including unstructured text.

Benefits for the Contact Center

The adaptation of conversational AI-powered virtual assistants provides exponential benefits for the business, employees, and your customers

For businesses

  • Control operational costs by automating repetitive customer queries, scaling business processes and agent resources without increasing headcount
  • Meet stringent data security and compliance requirements ensuring enhanced efficiency even for complex implementations
  • Reveal interaction insights and journey analytics to quickly identify behavior shifts

For customers

  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing consistent and accurate self-service interactions, with natural language.
  • Resolve customer cases faster by automating manual and time-consuming tasks delivering a consistent omnichannel experience.
  • Anticipate customer intent and offer proactive, personalized support. Extend service schedules to always-on.

For agents

  • Improve agent utilization. Increase productivity by enabling agents to engage in higher-value tasks.
  • Manage demand fluctuations by modifying self-service automation quickly and without the need for technical skills.
  • Reduce callbacks and queue waiting times with automation from conversational AI and easy escalation to agents if needed.