Web Engagement
with CFront

Interact with your customers through chat, video, cobrowsing, and social media

CFront is a next generation solution that introduces emerging interaction channels, including WebRTC based video and web collaboration, and blends them with the traditional means of communication to your contact center.

Contact Center Platforms

Aspect Unified IP

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX)
Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE)
Cisco Customer Journey Platform (CJP)

Easy setup for both agents and customers

CFront integrates seamlessly with all your existing Aspect or Cisco contact center, without requiring the installation of any plug-in. As far as the customer’s endpoint, it can be used on all major browsers without setup or preparation.

Socialize and economize

Engage with customers through web chat applications or your social media pages and their comments in your posts. Activate only the social media or public messaging channels that you use and add more in the future, paying only for what you need.

Support your customers with web collaboration

Help customers complete purchases, fill-in application forms, or set up accounts. Guide them securely in web pages, simplify complex online tasks and improve their experience.

CFront benefits
your contact center

  • Let customers choose the communication channel of their preference
  • Improves agents’ efficiency with a unified environment for all channels
  • Protects previous investments interconnecting easily with your existing systems

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