Campaign Management
with CList

Achieve unprecedented outbound campaign results

CList is an outbound campaign management application that implements sophisticated strategies and extended campaigning functions for optimizing the performance of outbound contact centers.

Take outbound campaign results to new heights

CList offers centralized management of all your lists and campaigns giving you control of your overall outbound operation. Apply multiple sets of intricate rules and let CList combine data from the CRM, the ERP and the database it maintains with previous communication attempts. Its unique strategy execution capabilities allow you to orchestrate your outbound sales promotions, telemarketing or collections campaign and deliver outcomes that are unattainable with the traditional dialing.

With CList you talk directly to your dialers

One of the most powerful features of CList is the ability to communicate in real-time with the dialers of Aspect Software and Cisco and to update dynamically the campaign lists, as new records are added by external sources or call attempt outcomes add new information to the contact history repository. Furthermore, it provides load balancing across multiple dialers and host systems for high availability.

One campaign, multiple channels

Customers are everywhere, and as soon as CList identifies the optimal engagement flow and contact process, utilizes all traditional and modern channels to reach them.

It is equally important who not to call

CList incorporates advanced technology, applying exceptions on the campaign level, thus enabling compliance with regulations and corporate policies. Based on this process, it creates an exception list and filters contacts before attempting a communication.

CList benefits your
contact center

  • Increases hit rate and right party contact utilizing the contact center
    resources to the maximum
  • Improves the agents’ productivity by minimizing idle time
  • Empowers supervisors and managers with 360 degree administration
    and analytics tools

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