Customer Engagement
Recording with CTrack

Assess your agents and ensure your compliance with regulations

CTrack is a market-leading solution that supports synchronized recording of voice communication and on-screen activity of agents. Thus, it allows contact center managers to monitor if agents comply with regulatory requirements and corporate policies while they interact with customers.

Iron-clad security

All the audio and video files created are protected by the strictest security and encryption standards. CTrack achieves that by embedding an AES 256-bit encryption key in every file that cannot be unlocked by any other application.

Easy to create, simple to find

CTrack includes a powerful search engine that allows you to quickly locate previous recordings. Through advanced criteria such as customer, transaction or contact details, you are able to identify the recording you are looking for in a few clicks.

How CTrack benefits your contact center

  • Helps you comply with the regulatory framework and your operational procedures
  • Enables you to boost customer experience by analyzing agents’ behavior during the engagement
  • Allows to assess agents and develop training courses that will improve their accuracy and productivity

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