How AI can improve customer care

How AI can improve customer care

There are two main types of AI currently used in contact centers. The first focuses on processing vast amounts of data and returning actionable insights after or even during customer interaction. This AI type focuses on providing the right information at the right time to contact center staff.

The second type of AI is known as conversational AI. It focuses on analyzing the content of conversations during customer interactions. Through emotion and behavioral analysis, it can achieve real-time sentiment analysis. Conversational AI can identifies an irate customer and alert earlier the team responsible to intervene, improving significantly the customer experience.

Benefits of AI

A key benefit of AI is that it offers insights that enhance customer engagement and lead to less stress for agents and customers. The AI systems are now intuitive enough to observe conversations and provide response options to agents during interactions. This enables data-driven engagements that the agent can focus on handling the customer without trying to locate customer-related information. Instead, agents focus on human interaction and empathy and therefore become brand ambassadors of strategic importance to the company.

Moving forward

AI for contact centers maintains the transformative capacity to understand customers in a manner it could never be done before. It empowers exceptional customer service and serving needs before they even arise.
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