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04 December, 2019 Blog

Nowadays, when customers engage with your contact center, they expect you to know all about their history of their previous interactions with your company. At the same time, they require to treat them as unique individuals whose business you value. Fulfilling these expectations can generate a tremendous difference in the customer experience you deliver. In this article, you will discover some effective ways to achieve it.

Be intelligent

When customers go through an IVR or an advanced self-service system like Aspect CXP Pro, they await that the information they provide will be used to reduce questions and delays. Often this is not the case. After the IVR, the agents ask them again for data already provided or data that could be traced in the company’s information systems. Contact centers can diminish these issues by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Request handling, administrative overhead, and agent effectiveness can receive substantial benefits through the adoption of AI.  At Comsys, we have already introduced AI-powered capabilities to our customer engagement applications. Also, through our Professional Services, we have developed for our clients, interaction management solutions that employ AI and Deep Machine Learning.

Train agents, supervisors, and managers

Technology is dominating every element of the contact center. From IT infrastructure to contact center platforms, and business intelligence applications. Your customer service representatives might be tech-savvy millennials but sooner than later, they will struggle to follow the frantic technology race that contact centers experience. Training, if customized to the agents’ needs, can help your team remain in control of your contact center and face the vast amounts of customer engagements with a smile. Improving the competences of your new and existing employees, at all the levels of hierarchy, is more likely to generate positive customer experiences.

Empower agents with… information

The calls an agent has to deal with are becoming increasing more challenging. With the digital engagement channels used for the resolution even for trivial issues, an agent is the last resort of a frustrated customer. Empowering agents with solutions that will help them serve customers better and faster can lead to happier customers. One of the most essential tools every contact center should provide to agents is the connection of the CRM and that contact center platform with a multichannel integration product like our CLink. With this, agents can service customers better by performing telephony functions and multichannel interactions handling from their CRM. As a result, you will be able to improve the customer experience and raise the productivity of agents as they respond faster to customer queries with all the relevant data at their disposal.

Make customer satisfaction your core business

Contact centers are sophisticated ecosystems. They demand the latest technology, and even last year’s business support solutions are not adequate. So, focus on customer satisfaction, and not cost reduction. Make it your #1 priority, invest in your customer engagement systems and in your customer care people. Aim for the long-term loyalty of your customers.

Rest assured that your customers will appreciate it and reward you.


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