Actionable business intelligence for
digital customer experience

CCube is a business intelligence application, developed for enterprise contact centers and digital customer experience. It delivers powerful, and dynamic reporting that enables managers to gain insight into their business.

CCube vs Generic BI applications

CCube is developed solely for the needs of the omnichannel contact center and digital customer engangement practices. Hence, it packs unique benefits that generic business intelligence applications find very challenging, to compete with. Some attributes that make CCube unique are:

  • Native integration with leading contact centers and unified communication platforms

  • Combination of data from multiple communication channels

  • Out-of-the-box reports for contact centers

  • Short deployment and learning time

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Data integration streamlined

CCube natively supports integration with leading contact center platforms. Hence, it obtains real-time and historical data from all the communication channels. Also, it can import customer information from flat files or business applications like the CRM and the ERP.


Power to the report designers

Combine data sources and create custom reports with drag-and-drop simlicity and zero programming. As a purpose-built BI application, CCube allows the combination of real-time and historical data from all the communication channels.



Valuable insight into customer engagement

CCube offers drillable dashboards that enable customer care managers to carry out data-driven decisions while reducing reporting backlogs and manual effort. Not only that, it empowers collaboration with external or offline users by sharing reports in all the familiar file formats.



Smart decisions with intuitive data visualization

With 2D and 3D visual elements, CCube provides an interactive way to study and understand trends, and patterns in data. Custom dashboards provide an unparalleled view of the contact center’s KPIs, facilitating faster decisions. Also, it offers the ability to generate reports based on a library of templates that they can be customized.

Unrivaled advantages for Outsourcers

Offer to clients a reporting environment with their branding and the autonomy to create and manage their user accounts. Also, provide personalized and interactive analytics on any device, minimizing manual reporting. Make modern and sophisticated reporting a key differentiator of your company and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Offer reporting transparency to clients

  • Empower them to manage their user accounts

  • Deliver a white label solution that clients can brand

  • Enable clients to monitor performance in any device

  • Reduce the cost of manually generating reports for clients

  • Help managers to track updates with notifications

Analytics on any device and operating system

CCube is a web-based application, hence it enables the exploration of data on a webpage or a mobile app, on a computer, tablet or smartphone. In addition, it keeps customer care managers updated with automated alerts and notifications on their devices.

Benefits for
contact centers

  • Implement analytics faster and easier with out-of-the-box reports for multi-channel engagement.
  • Make better decisions based on real-time and historical data from multiple data sources.
  • Improve the efficiency of the contact center relying on a 360-degrees view of operational performance.
  • Eliminate time consuming and inefficient manual reporting and deliver business intelligence on any device.