Advanced CRM and contact center integration

CLink is a middleware for the real-time connection between the CRM application and the contact center. The architecture of CLink enhances the CRM with interaction management capabilities from the contact center that allow agents to work more productively across all communication channels.

Technology you can rely on

CLink connects the Aspect and Cisco contact centers with all the leading CRM applications or your custom developed CRM. CLink is certified by the vendors of the contact center and CRM applications to ensure that the integration is trouble-free.

Contact Centers

Aspect Unified IP

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX)
Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE)

CRM and contact center on a single screen

CLink brings on the screen of the CRM application the powerful features of the contact center, so agents no longer have to switch between multiple windows. With this, CLink allows agents to deliver quality customer experience easier and faster.


Supports omnichannel customer engagement

CLink supports all available communication channels allowing agents to address one synchronous (voice/video) and many asynchronous communications simultaneously, even in cases that the interaction channels are managed by different platforms.



Unique, with a control center

The administration suite of CLink provides the monitoring of system utilization, system health and other vital statistics of every CLink server, local or remote. System Administrators can supervise specific operations, broadcast messages to teams and manage system logs through the advanced logging system that CLink provides.




Capable to handle extreme complexity

CLink is capable to control the communication and synchronization between instances of CRM applications and contact centers of different vendors. This unique feature makes CLink the middleware of choice for complicated contact center environments, where systems of multiple vendors coexist.

Benefits for your
contact center

  • Empower agents to service customers better by performing telephony functions from inside the CRM application.
  • Raise the productivity of agents by enabling them to respond faster to customer queries.
  • Optimize the operation of your contact center using the monitoring and reporting capabilities of CLink’s administration suite.
  • Make the life of contact center administrators easier with CLink’s high availability and load balancing features.

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