Unlock the full potential of outbound contact centers

CList is an application that helps contact centers enhance the performance of their outbound campaigns. It accomplishes that by enabling the planning and execution of sophisticated communication strategies. Additionally, the AI-powered module of CList improves contactability by predicting the ‘Best Time to Call’ each customer.

From raw data to campaign lists

CList is capable to import customer data from flat files or databases using all common modes of data loading. Furthermore, customer information can be updated dynamically from external sources with the use of REST API.  The data segmentation capabilities of CList enable managers to generate contact lists by applying strategic objectives, business rules and operational policies to the imported customer records.


Orchestration of communication strategies

With CList, campaign managers can create, control, and adjust elaborate outbound contact strategies on multiple channels. The unique capabilities of CList allow the development of the most suitable approach for every customer engagement.

Omnichannel outbound campaigns

Customers are increasingly relying on their mobile devices for interacting with companies. CList enables the execution of proactive customer communication across multiple channels. Thereby, campaign managers can initiate blended outreach attempts with escalation to live agent assistance.

Automation of administrative tasks

CList automates administrative tasks triggered by real-time business results, schedules or campaign events. As a result, it reduces the burden of manual tasks from administrators and improves the performance and productivity of the contact center by promptly adjusting the communication plan.



Prediction of ‘Best Time to Call’

A key success factor of any outbound campaign is to reach every customer at the right moment. CList helps companies achieve this challenging goal by predicting the ‘Best Time to Call’ each contact. Through the use of deep machine learning, CList optimizes the communication strategy aiming to maximize Contact, Right Person Contact or Success rates.



Real-time and historical reporting

Administrators can assess the data quality, the performance of the team, and other metrics with the integrated reporting module of CList. Valuable information such as Right Party Contact (RPC) and Success rates are updated in real-time. Additionally, historical reports provide detailed information on the execution results with intuitive data visualization.



Easier compliance with regulations

Failing to comply with the strict regulations that govern the use of automatic dialing can result in heavy fines. To mitigate the risk, ‘Do Not Call’ and other exclusion lists can be imported to CList and applied to specific campaigns, categories of campaigns, or globally. Furthermore, CList can automatically pace the dialing within the regulated limits.



2020 CUSTOMER Product of the Year

CList was awarded by CUSTOMER Magazine with the Product of the Year Award recognized as an AI-powered application that enhances the performance of outbound contact centers.

Benefits for
contact centers

  • Gain control of your company’s overall outbound operation and achieve results that are unattainable with traditional dialing.
  • Boost staff productivity with the improvement insights from CList’s integrated analytics.
  • Avoid annoying customers and meet the growing regulatory requirements for outbound operation.
  • Reduce the cost of serving inbound calls leveraging automated text, email, and phone notifications.