Contact Centers

At the center of customer engagement infrastructure

Customer experience is very important for any business that strives to maintain a competitive advantage. At Comsys, we provide the contact center technology that enables organizations to deliver superior customer engagement. In addition, we offer applications that empower the efficient operation of contact centers.

Our contact center solutions

The portfolio of our Contact Center solutions meets the needs of small, mid-size, and large contact centers, on-premises or on the cloud. We are a one-stop-shop for digital customer experience because we offer the infrastructure, the solutions, the implementation services, and finally the support and maintenance.

Automatic Call Distribution
Sophisticated Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) routes inbound calls to the best team of agents based on the skills needed.

Tailored to customer needs

Every contact center is unique. The market sector, the strategic objectives, and the business operation of a company are factors that affect the selection of the most suitable technology solution. The expertise we have acquired developing projects in a range of industries helps us understand the challenges each business faces and deliver the “right” contact center solution.

Contact center tailored





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Our technology partners

Our contact center solutions are powered by the technologies of Cisco and Alvaria (former Aspect Software). Both companies are recognized by Gartner, as leaders and visionaries of the Contact Center Infrastructure industry. Their multi-awarded solutions improve the customer experience and elevate the productivity of contact centers.

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Our applications for contact centers

We have developed innovative applications that enhance the capabilities of Cisco and Alvaria contact center solutions. Our applications improve interaction management and optimize the operation of the contact center.

Support around the clock

Our accredited and seasoned engineers support your organization 24/7, ensuring that whatever the challenge, we will be available to offer our services.

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