Self Service

Engage with customers
whenever and wherever they want

Customers often contact an agent to request basic information or the completion of a simple task although an IVR system could handle those interactions and reduce the calls that require human attention. Whatever the path of the communication, customers are irritated when they are asked to repeat information they have already shared in a previous stage. Hence, contact centers need an intelligent Customer Self Service solution.

Our customer self-service solution

Our Customer Self Service solution is powered by Alvaria (former Aspect) Customer Experience Platform (CXP) and enables companies to take control of their customers' IVR experience across all communication channels. Our solution enables the design and implementation of smart IVR systems that have a positive impact on the first-contact resolution rate and save contact center agents from escalations. Still, when the engagement of an agent is needed, our solution seamlessly transitions the customer to the right agent, along with all the relevant information.

Omnichannel self-service

Our Customer Self Service solution offers dynamic personalization capabilities and interactive customer engagement in multiple channels. Hence, businesses can provide a seamless customer journey across various self-service touchpoints while maintaining context from all interactions.

Design once, deploy everywhere

Design once and deploy customer contact applications across several communication channels including IVR, chatbots, mobile web, and more, with the easy-to-use, web-based interface of our Customer Self Service solution. With its “simple” or “advanced” mode settings, it caters both to occasional and power users.

Customer Self Service - Design Once

Offer better customer experiences with AI

Reimagine what self-service can do with AI-powered automation. Create intelligent assistants across voice, chat, SMS, and social channels that are capable of natural conversational dialogues by leveraging Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Deep Machine Learning. Our Customer Self Service solutions empower contact centers to offer better customer experience and reduce queue waiting times.

Portable across all major IVRs

Protect investments to solutions from different vendors. Our Customer Self Service is platform-agnostic and integrates with more than 30 IVR systems including, of course, all the leading ones.