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Homeworkers Monitoring

Improve the productivity of your
remote working employees

The coronavirus pandemic has forced companies worldwide to adopt homeworking; analysts predict a long-term shift to hybrid working. However, many organizations find it challenging to supervise their remote employees. Comsys, in partnership with Asterlogic, offers a solution that empowers companies to effectively monitor their working from home staff.

Meet our solution

Our Homeworkers Monitoring solution is powered by AgenTrak by Asterologic and enables employee tracking in real-time. With AgenTrak, you ensure that employees follow the company processes and have the tools they need to do their job productively. The companies that already use AgenTrak experience at least a 10% improvement in employee productivity, and reduce overheads by managing more with less. In every case, the performance gains that AgenTrak delivers to businesses offer a solid return on investment.

Our solution at a glance

AgenTrak offers unique employee monitoring features and easy deployment

Monitoring of users’ overall activity

Real-time visibility of the PC desktop, audio, and webcam allows tracking the employees’ IT recources and application usage.

Graphical desktop analytics and alerting

Full real-time and historical analytics of the desktop activity, highlighting all productive and non-productive activities.

Rules and service level engine

Multi-level policy and rules definition on user, team, and global levels. Define service levels for triggering alerts.

Training enhancement

360° real-time monitoring allows great insights into employee performance and acts as a great training aid for getting employees up to speed.


Track device location to ensure that employees are working where they are supposed to.

Speed testing

Check the internet speed of remote-workers to verify it is adequate for business use. Also, generate at pre-defined time intervals connection speed snapshots to review later.

Flexible deployment options

Whatever your IT infrastructure or your preferred deployment model is, AgenTrak is easy to install and runs reliably.


No server maintenance; install AgenTrak on the desktops you want to monitor and set up your users, service levels, and rules.


Control your AgenTrak implementation in its entirety. Leverage HR systems to identify the policies and rules that will apply to specific users and groups.

Private cloud

Use your own secure, scalable private cloudsetup, including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and more.

Featured Customers

Below see a selected customer list that use AgenTrak for monitoring of their remote working employees.

Benefits for your business

  • Increase homeworkers’ productivity by at least 10% and reduce management overheads.
  • Gain insight into the way remote staff work and understand the reasons for excellence or lagging in productivity.
  • Monitor employees’ desktop activity with live audio, webcam, and geolocation information, ensuring compliance with company policies.
  • Expedite new employee training for delivering faster results.

Latest News

  • Comsys partners with Asterlogic, and offers homeworkers monitoring solution
  • Comsys received the Customer Experience Innovation Award 2020
  • Comsys received the BITE Award 2020 for CList