Workforce Optimization

The right staff, at the right time, for the right customer

The most important asset of a contact center is the staff that handles customer interactions. This is where a workforce optimization solution comes in since it is designed to deliver operational efficiency by ensuring that the right number of agents, with the right skills, are available at the right time. As a result, it offers considerable benefits to contact centers by minimizing staffing costs without putting at risk revenue opportunity, employee satisfaction, or customer experience.

Our solution

Our Workforce Optimization solution is powered by the award-winning Alvaria’s  (former Aspect’s) Workforce Management application. Our solution is an easy-to-use forecasting, planning, scheduling, and real-time management tool that ensures every employee and supervisor is productive, engaged, and delivering an exceptional customer experience at the lowest cost.


  • Easy forecast and scheduling for all communication channels

  • Prediction of your staffing requirements across all contact center resources

  • Unparalleled forecasting accuracy employing multiple algorithms

  • What-if scenarios for the impact of personnel, budget or demand fluctuations

  • Real-time notifications when performance deviates from the preset threshold

Strategic planning and forecasting

Evaluate multiple staffing scenarios to determine the optimal deployment of resources based on projected demand for both short-term and long-term planning. The forecasting model of our Workforce Optimization solution provides the most accurate prediction possible, taking into account all the available data including historical contact volumes, seasonal patterns, campaign completion rates, and holiday variations.

“What-if” analysis

Test multiple demand and staffing models and plan for unexpected events such as staff absences, a surge in demand, the effect of holidays, weather conditions, or other seasonal factors. Create multiple scenarios leveraging historical demand and visualize the effect of planning through trial schedules. The Workforce Optimization solution offered allows companies to be confident that their staffing adjustments will have the right business impact.

Simple and friendly graphical environment

The user interface of our solution is specially designed for contact centers. It is modern and intuitive, while it provides all the necessary information on a single screen. Also, it is responsive and supports all popular browsers.

Power to the people

Give to agents more scheduling flexibility while ensuring service level achievement. Our Workforce Optimization solution empowers agents with powerful, self-service on any device, and relieves supervisors from routine approvals. Requests can be prioritized based on business rules such as seniority, labor rules, performance, business needs, or any combination of factors. Besides, approvals can be routed to supervisors for manual inspection and approval.

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Support around the clock

Our accredited and seasoned engineers support your organization 24/7, ensuring that whatever the challenge, we will be available to offer our services.

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Benefits for
the contact center

  • Improve the utilization of human resources through accurate prediction of staffing needs.
  • Easily adapt to the changing demand of the market and serve customers better.
  • Offer to agents and supervisors the ability to access the scheduling plan from anywhere.
  • Ensure the highest customer satisfaction at the lowest possible cost.