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Discover our Customer Engagement solutions

  • Contact Center Platforms

    Take customer satisfaction to
    new heights with a leading
    contact center solution.

  • CRM Integration with CLink

    Next-gen CRM and contact
    center integration with
    advanced capabilities.

  • Web Engagement with CFront

    Engage with your customers
    through webchat, video,
    cobrowsing and social media.

  • Customer Self-Service with CXP Pro

    Allow customers to engage
    with you whenever and
    wherever they want.

Discover our Contact Center Optimization solutions

  • Workforce Optimization with WFM

    Accurately forecast your
    staffing needs and improve the
    utilization of your agents.

  • Campaign Management with CList

    Devise your outbound strategy
    and achieve phenomenal
    campaign results.

  • Business Intelligence with CCube

    Enterprise-level reporting
    exclusively developed for the
    needs of contact centers.

  • Engagement Recording with CTrack

    Ensure your compliance with
    regulations and asses the
    performance of your agents.

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