Webex Experience Management

Bring your customer journey to life

Cisco’s Webex Experience Management is a next-generation AI-based Customer Experience Management (CEM) software-as-a-service that improves employee and customer experiences and gain greater insight across your customer journeys throughout all touchpoints.


Webex Experience Management capabilities are uniquely embedded directly into the contact center desktop, empowering agents and supervisors with customer sentiment data in real-time, providing them a well-rounded picture of how customers are feeling and what they are doing.

Customer Journey Management

Listen to your customers across 22 different channels (e.g., email, chat, web) along the entire journey, expose and assess areas of improvement to drive loyalty, and leverage the Cisco Contact Center to close the loop.


Create and customize various “listening posts” for sentiment and feedback (e.g., post-call IVR/email and web intercept surveys to collect customer data).

Deep Analytics

Derive a relationship between operational, transactional, and experience drivers (e.g., NPS, CSAT, and revenue), and use predictive analytics to model KPI and the financial impact of strategic decisions.

Three actionable steps to create better experiences

  • Listen

    Measure the
    customer’s journey
    experiences across all
    the touchpoints in your

  • Analyze

    Seamless app
    integrations break
    down data siloes
    providing a 360-
    degree view of the

  • Predict

    Become predictive
    and proactive. Make
    informed decisions to
    improve experiences
    and create positive
    business outcomes.

Everything you need from a CX Platform

Cisco’s next-generation customer experience management (CEM) platform is filled with powerful tools and features. Get customer journey mapping, text analytics, and predictive modeling in a single point-n-click platform and see your business from your customers’ perspective.

Customer journey map

The journey map functionality allows you to take your key performance indicators (KPIs) beyond the single touchpoint view and helps you to track those KPIs along your customer’s entire journey.


Predictive analytics

Remove the guesswork and look at actual results. Make informed decisions on how to improve employee and customer experiences that will create positive business outcomes.


Seamless integrations

Webex Experience Management, an open API platform, is built around a holistic approach to customer experience that excels when combined with operational and transactional data. Use Webex XM integrations to start predicting the financial impacts of your CX initiatives or proactively reach out to customers that might be at risk of churning or not coming back. Empower your contact center agents and supervisors with complete visibility of customer feedback, metrics, and previous customer journey experiences.


Financial analysis

Get access to boardroom-ready, one-page financial analysis to obtain executive buy-in and budget approval for customer experience initiatives. The accessible point-n-click insight center is entirely customizable. Create dashboards the way you want to see them, with KPIs, comparisons, analyses, and much more.


Journey path analysis

Untangle the attributes that impact customer experience and financial metrics to move beyond correlation analysis and start accurately predicting the drivers of long-term success. Path analysis uncovers the causal relationship between different attributes of CX to tell firms which CX drivers have the most significant impact on anchor metrics. What truly drives the ‘customer’s actions – be it their NPS-, repeat purchases, advocacy, or churn.


Theme analysis

Webex XM contains three levels of text
analysis: word cloud, sentiment analysis, and the most
advanced of all, theme analysis. Theme analysis
derives quantitative insights from unstructured, feelings-based data. It uses multiple algorithm engines, including BoW (Bag of Words), machine learning, and deep learning to determine the theme and sentiment of every comment, product review, customer service interaction, and more. Advanced text analytics using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) provide up to 95% accuracy for both theme and sentiment of the customer’s unstructured data.


Question builder

Creating and sending out surveys to monitor customer experience across every touchpoint and channel is effortless. The easy-to-use Questionnaire Builder lets you add, modify, or delete questions with ease. Collect and analyze customer responses in real-time to closely monitor changing customers’ expectations and needs.



When customers give feedback, they deserve to be heard. With Webex XM, every response can be heard and handled in real-time. Listen to your customers across 17 different channels, and leverage the contact center to close the loop with your customer, with real-time alerts to notify frontline employees and keep stakeholders at all levels in the loop.


Get your desired business outcomes of combining contact center
with Customer Experience Management


  • Empower contact center staff with real-time visibility of customer feedback
  • Enjoy a 360-degree view of the customer journey before, during, and after the contact center interaction
  • Create predictive and proactive customer experiences that drive loyalty and improve lifetime value