The right people when and where you need them the most

Comsys, in cooperation with Aspect, offers Workforce Management (WFM), the award-winning application that helps you accurately and easily forecast the staffing requirements of your contact center resources.

One solution, everything included

WFM offers an extensive list of powerful features that will make a difference in your contact center’s operation.

  • Easy forecast and scheduling of all communication channels

  • Predictions on staffing requirements across all contact center resources

  • Automatic updates for historical patterns and calculating shrinkage

  • Unlimited what-if scenarios to determine the impact of personnel, budget or demand fluctuations

  • Real-time notifications when performance deviates from the preset

Keeping your agents engaged

Maintain your agents busy and your supervisors productive by simplifying the task of workforce management.

  • Simple overview and management of task planning from anywhere through a specialized mobile app

  • Accommodate agents preferences for working schedule

Simple and friendly graphical environment

The user interface of WFM is specially designed for contact centers. It is modern and intuitive, while it provides all the necessary information in a single screen. It is responsive and supports all popular browsers.

WFM benefits your
contact center

  • Improves utilization of your resources through accurate predictions of your staffing needs
  • Helps you easily adapt to the changing demand of the market and thus serve your customers better
  • Offers a simple and user-friendly interface that can be accessed by agents and supervisor from anywhere
  • Leads to satisfied agents which equals to happy customers and better productivity

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