About Comsys

We help our clients improve customer and employee experience in alignment with their digital transformation vision

We are a leading provider of omnichannel contact center solutions. At Comsys, we assist companies in transforming their business with intelligent real-time automations that simplify business complexity and offer unique communication experiences for their customers and employees. As an agile company with an entrepreneurial culture, we are attentive to the needs of our clients, and we focus on pursuing innovation to problem-solving.


Our commitment to product, and service quality, combined with in-depth business and technological know-how, is key to our ongoing success. We turn client goals into measurable results with over thirty years of experience as a solution and engineering-oriented provider. We support customers in more than twenty countries. Our proven track record of cutting-edge solutions empowers organizations to transform their customer experience and improve the effectiveness of their contact centers’ operations.

What we do:

Aiming to create value for our customers, partners, and employees, we systematically follow market trends, ICT innovations, and emerging technologies to form a concrete business strategy.

  • We combine our portfolio of omnichannel engagement solutions with optimization applications to orchestrate outbound campaigning and proactive consumer engagement. We assist customers in the adaption of digital communications channels like video chat and social media. In addition, AI-driven capabilities automate customer-side interactions for improved caller experience.
  • We help clients adapt to a rapidly changing and challenging business environment. HERMES, our low code development platform, accelerates application generation and transforms businesses into digitally-enabled enterprises at a competitive cost.
  • Our consulting, implementation, post-sales support, and managed services capabilities complement our offerings and add value to our business relationships.

The pillars of our value proposition

  • Customer Interaction Management and Optimization

    • Contact Centers
    • Workforce Management
    • Customer Self-service
    • Speech Analytics
    • Virtual Assistants and Chatbots with Natural Language Understanding capabilities
    • Customer Experience Management


  • Applications for Digital Customer Experience

    • CRM Integration
    • Digital Channels
    • Outbound Campaign Management
    • Actionable Analytics
  • Professional Services

    • Implementation Services
    • CX Consulting
    • Managed Services and Operational Support
    • Support and Maintenance

Comsys around the world

We design and implement digital customer engagement solutions for organizations of any size

Milestones of innovation

  • Since 1989 in the ICT market, 18+ years in the Digital Customer Experience and Contact Center market

  • 95+ unique customers in 22 countries

  • Over 38K licenses under support