Professional Services

We enable contact centers to overcome
IT challenges and reach their full potential

At Comsys, technology is our core business. Our Professional Services empower contact centers of any size and complexity to pursue the best outcomes from their IT projects.

Applications Development

We specialize in the development of software applications that help contact centers improve the way they operate and engage with customers. We ensure the effectiveness and reliability of the applications we develop by following a methodology that incorporates rigorous quality assurance processes.

Application Integration

Integration of business applications ensures the seamless exchange of data, and itĀ is at the heart of every successful contact center operation. Our vast experience in developing CLink, our industry-leading middleware, guarantees our ability to offer solutions that support integration with ERP, CRM, e-commerce platforms, and custom applications.

Bots Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a distant fantasy, and bots are reshaping the contact center industry. At Comsys, we are pioneers in the development of AI-powered applications for customer engagement with products like CList. Thus, we deliver bots customized to the IT and business needs of contact centers allowing them to exploit their untapped potential.

Implementation Services

Our Implementation Services give contact centers access to the expertise they need when it is time to deploy their IT infrastructure. We cater for their installation, configuration and training needs with the aim to minimize any disruption to their business operation. Also, we make sure that the implemented solutions reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and adhere to the agreed time and budget constraints.

  • Requirements <br> Analysis & Design

    Analysis & Design

  • Configuration


  • Integration


  • Testing & UAT

    Testing & UAT

Consulting Services

Our consulting specialists hold extensive experience in helpingĀ  business and technology teams prepare for the implementation of contact center solutions. We are experts in providing support for a variety of challenges that include:

  • Optimization of workforce management

    Optimization of workforce management

  • Deployment of advanced IVR scripts

    Deployment of advanced IVR scripts

  • Development of chatbot grammar

    Development of chatbot grammar

  • Integration of AI-powered solutions with existing systems

    Integration of AI-powered solutions with existing systems

Through meetings and workshops, we assist contact centers before, during and after deployment to optimize their processes. Hence, we enable them to improve customer experience and business performance.



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