At Comsys, we aspire to offer to the market highly reliable ICT solutions based on carefully controlled design and verification protocols.

As technology advances by leaps and bounds, new standards are outlined and implemented by the ICT industry. So, it is essential to compromise with standards designed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which ensure the quality and safety of products and services.


Our commitment to quality aligns with international standards like ISO. For that reason, our Quality Management System is consistently audited and verified by independent certification bodies to prove the conformity to these international standards. We are proud that operating processes and procedures are certified with the following accreditations.


    ISO 9001: One of the most important certifications for a company’s continuous improvement process ascertains that our products and services are designed and developed consistently. Our solutions are tested and verified to meet customer expectations.

  • ISO 27001 Comsys

    ISO 27001: Specifies the requirements needed to implement an Information Security Management system. This certification enables our company to comply with international security policies.

  • ISO 20000: Is the international IT service management standard. This standard aligns with our commitment to the effective delivery of services internal to our business units and our customers. It is a crucial ISO standard because it defines requirements for determining, implementing, maintaining, and consistently improving service management and delivery processes.

  • ISO 14001: Defines the essentials for an Environmental Management System to enhance our organization’s environmental performance. As we strongly believe in ecological sustainability, our ambition is to reduce our operations’ environmental impacts and improve energy consumption and waste production during our day-to-day activities.