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At Comsys, we strongly believe that products and solutions should adhere to industry standards

Compliance with the leading standards of our market is a non-negotiable commitment for us. Hence, our products are certified by top manufacturers in the industry, and our services and processes have receive the accreditations by leading independent organizations.

  • ISO 9001 accreditation certifies our commitment to consistently deliver high level of service. Furthermore, it is an assurance to our customers that we strive to provide high quality and efficient contact center solutions.

  • ISO 27001, an international standard that recognizes best practices in information security management, certifies that our organization is following international information security policies.

  • ISO 20000 specifies the requirements for the operation, and improvement of a service management system. Our accreditation recognizes that we implement an integrated process to ensure that customers’ requirements are met in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

  • ISO 14001, a standard that defines the criteria of an environmental management system, certifies that we continually strive to reduce our carbon footprint.