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Mailow is a low-code conversational AI platform designed to create speech and text-based digital bots to automate customer interactions and provide efficient customer service. Mailow’s capabilities enable employees to access information from internal systems and knowledge from large quantities of unstructured data through human-like interfaces (K-RAG).


Offers speech-to-text and text-to-speech for many languages. Supports currencies, dates, and platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Alexa, and Google Assistant

An open and extensible NLP engine interface for applications capable of parsing complex text or voice messages into structured data

Azure Language Services

Assist developers in embedding the ability to hear, speak, see, search, understand, and advance decision-making into applications.

WatsonX Assistant

Allows software developers to embed IVAs with fast, consistent and accurate answers into any messaging platform, application, device or channel

Natural Language Understanding Providers

Microsoft Azure Conversational Language Understanding

IBM Watson X Assistant

Google Dialogflow


Speech To Text and Text To Speech

Azure Speech

IBM Watson X Assistant

Retrieval Augmented Generation


OpenAI ChatGPT

Vector Databases




Sentence to Vector Embeddings

OpenAI Embeddings API

Success Stories

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Betting, Greece

Intelligent Chatbots

Dive into our collection of success stories and witness how industry leaders have achieved substantial cost reductions and enhanced operational efficiency through Comsys' transformative solutions, including our low-code application development and contact center offerings.

Business Impact

  • Provide self-service for routine interactions

  • Automate live chat inquiries to alleviate pressure on agents during peaks

  • Empower store representatives to use self-service for trivial issues and receive answers quickly

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NPL Servicer, Greece

Intelligent Virtual Assistant

An intelligent Virtual Assistant, with NLP, automates user authentication and hands over the conversation to a live agent with the call context.  Additionally, the assistant ensures that frequently asked topics regarding debt, account balance, and payment deadlines payments are answered automatically.

Business Impact

  • By automating authentication and auto-discovering the call purpose, the bot increases operational efficiency by eliminating re-routing

  • Scale on existing resources without increasing headcount

  • Meet stringent data security and compliance requirements

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Energy, Romania

Email Dispatcher

Classify approx. 4.000 emails/ day according to category and urgency. CFront Assistant utilizes attachments (.pdf, Word, scanned handwritten letters) for intent and entity extraction. Integrated with SAP ERP, Billing, and other back office systems; skill-based route the unclassified emails to back office personnel for manual processing.

Business Impact

  • Boost productivity with unique end-to-end automation

  • Extend service schedules to always-on

  • Improve agent utilization

  • Increase business responsiveness and agility

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Outsourcer Omnichannel CC, Greece

Digital Assistant Solution

A full-fledged voice and text-based digital assistant with NLP/NLU capabilities. Cosmote e-value expands on the capabilities of CFront Assistant to serve clients from various sectors.

Business Impact

  • Reduce queue waiting times and callbacks  

  • Speed up response times with self-service

  • Provide omnichannel customer support

  • Support a broader omnichannel CRM strategy

  • Improve process flows with correct routing interactions from voice or digital channels

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